XSL Processors and non-HTML output

Subject: XSL Processors and non-HTML output
From: Paul_Tihansky@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 1 Feb 1999 13:57:56 -0500
     I am looking for ways to modify XSL Processors to produce non-HTML
output.  My goal is to be able to output non-HTML syntax, similar to
server-side includes, which my HTML pre-processor recognizes.  This
requires me to send characters such as "<", ">", and "&" to the output
     Specifically, I have been looking into XT and the Koala XSL Processor.
The 2 methods I have considered so far are: 1.) Modify the
HTMLOutputHandler class so it ignores those characters; or 2.) Extend the
<xsl:comment> handler to create a new stylesheet instruction, such as
<foo:nonhtml>, that ignores those characters just like <xsl:comment> but
without creating the comment characters, "<!-- -->".

For examle, I'd start with this XML snippet:
<foo><![CDATA[<!exec name="progname">]]></foo>

And all I want to output is:
<!exec name="progname">

Any help is appreciated,

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