Re: XSL and PDF

Subject: Re: XSL and PDF
From: Lars Marius Garshol <larsga@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 02 Feb 1999 17:18:38 +0100
* Joaquin Bravo
| I´am trying to convert a XML document to PDF using the FOP(FORMATING
| OBJECT TO PDF) by James Tauber ( ,but I
| can not find the way to do it.
| Could you tell me the steps to follow and send me an example?

a) First convert the XML document to another XML document that is
marked up with the formatting object elements of XSL (not the tree
transformation stuff, but the stuff that's described in section 3
(fo:block, fo:inline-graphic and all that)). A common way to achieve
this would be to use an XML engine (xt, xslp, Koala, whatever).

b) Then run the new XML document through FOP with

  java com.jtauber.fop.FOP fo-doc.xml out.pdf

--Lars M.

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