Fw: Fw: I need < - I get &lt;

Subject: Fw: Fw: I need < - I get &lt;
From: "Oren Ben-Kiki" <oren@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 1999 10:13:37 +0200
Tyler Baker <tyler@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>They are convenient and I think that in addition to xsl:cdata,
>is a perfectly good addition to XSL that will be useful to XSL users in the
>future.  I am surprised these two template element additions did not make
>into the last draft...

The tags <xsl:cdata> and <xsl:entity-ref> are not _vital_ - as long as the
output is going to be read by an XML processor. It boils down to the
question of "Should an XSL stylesheet be able to emit all possible XML
_textual representations_ or just all possible _documents_".

The reason that _I_ would like to have them is that they can be argued to be
within the current intent while allowing a clean way to emit non-XML output
for those who need it (TeX, Rtf, ...). I'd rather that this need was
addressed directly, but I find such tags as a reasonable compromise for the
sake of the purity of the language.

All this doesn't have anything to do with the example you've given - the
output was valid XML.

Have fun,

    Oren Ben-Kiki

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