RE: About the style processing instruction

Subject: RE: About the style processing instruction
From: Guy_Murphy@xxxxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 1999 10:50:38 +0000

I've had a hard time trakcing this thread, so excuse me if I gloss over any
areas that may be regarded as important as others. Not suggesting those
areas are important, just addressing the area of interest to myself.

I can only suggest what I want, as I an't pretend to be qualified to make
statements of what would be best.

I want to be able to express multiple stylesheets in an XML document
specificaly for the purpose of expressing differing redering/processing

I am not convinced that suggesting a single stylesheet for a large
application to be anywhere close to viable. If "print" is selected from the
user agent I want to be able to utilise one stylesheet, for rendering
another, for saving off a processed document from the user agent maybe

While being able to express media scope (and indeed it goes well beyond
simple media selection and into processing intent), in the style sheet is
probably necessary as it allows single stylesheets to deal with simple
applications, without an untidy clutter of files, the ability to link
varying stylesheets to the doc is a must.

I may well produce a stylesheets for rendering ina browser... another team
might produce a stylesheet for printing, and quite possibly they really
don't even care about the existence of mine, let alone care to be forced to
work within it, and if they are forced to work within it, I have to trust
to their ability to maintian it, not just mine.

So give that I want to spec multiple stylesheets within the XML doc for
differing processing purposes (not just media), I have to be able to
communicate this to the user agent with a "media" like attribute, which I
would suggest might be better expressed as "intent" or "process-for".

Now, yes I might want to communicate similar in the stylesheet depending on
how I'm approaching my app, but for something large scale this simply wont
do as it starts becomming an issue of processing and not just styling.
Remember here that XSL have transformative processing usages not just
stylistic display concerns.

Anyhow, it's early morning here, and casting my eye over this it's getting
less cohesive as i go on so I'll stop now :)

So sum up I'd like to see a solution that allows development of differing
processing considerations in isolation, keeping intent clear and unpoluted.
To to this I need to be able to express processing intent where I specify
the stylesheet in the XML doc, so that the user agent knows which one to
resort to.


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Subject:  RE: About the style processing instruction

So your point is: any media stuff should be only defined in the style sheet
not in the XML document. Therefore a single style sheet is attached to a
document except if more than one style sheet written in different style
language (ex: CSS, XSL, DSSSL) is attached to the XML document. Do I
your opinion? If this is true, then James proposal should have the media
property removed from the processing instruction. Your argument is that
property in the processing instruction would bring more confusions. I do
see why, but you maybe have good reason to sustain your argument. I
personally subscribe to what Guy said about this because I personally
experimented it with practical implementations. For some, to have different
style sheet for different media is maybe easier at the beginning, and later
on may master the style sheet language and use a single style sheet
containing instructions for each media. So, it is then more scalable not in
terms of capabilities but in terms of apprenticeship.

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