Re: How do I pick the first three elements and ignore the rest?

Subject: Re: How do I pick the first three elements and ignore the rest?
From: Guy_Murphy@xxxxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 1999 15:12:54 +0000

I haven't tested it, but in IE5b2 I think the match you'd want would be
"li[$lt$ 3]" or it might be "li[index() $lt$ 3]"

If you're using another parser I would be pretty sure that it will have a
way of filtering with an evaluation of the index.

There aren't any really good references at the moment, as I'm using the IE5
parser I find myself paying most attention to the pattern matching syntax
examples at

There are a couple of XML newsgroups on Usenet, but to my knowledge no XSL
specific NGs. On XML issues the responses are quite good, and getting
increasingly better on XSL. There's quite a high degree of polution on
these groups as there's a fare number of Web designers waking-up at
panicking at the prospect of XML/XSL.


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Subject:  How do I pick the first three elements and ignore the rest?

I would like to pick the first three LI elements contained within a
HEADLINES section. I can get the first using first-of-any(). How do I get
all three though.
My XML would look something like:
        <LI>Man Lands on Mars</LI>
        <LI>Moon rock is edible</LI>
        <LI>Space dust cloggs AC unit<LI>
        <LI>Splash down in English Channel</LI>
If there is a better place for me to be asking these fairly basic questions
then please point me there. Is there a good easy to read reference - the WD
is a little heavy going and lacking in good examples.
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