RE: IE5 and XSL stylesheets

Subject: RE: IE5 and XSL stylesheets
From: "Biron,Paul V" <Paul.V.Biron@xxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 8 Feb 1999 15:02:57 -0800
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> Subject: IE5 and XSL stylesheets
> Did anyone ever wrote a stylesheet which worked with IE5?
> Then I would very much appreciate if he could send me
> a sample stylesheet.
> My stylsheets still don't work with IE5.
> Regards
> Anette
I had exactly the same problem.  Ken Holman (a frequent contributor to this
group) gave me the answer a while back.

You need to add the following two template rules to your stylesheet.

<xsl:template match="textnode()">

According to the XSL working draft, the XSL processor is supposed to have
these as default rules, but the IE5b2 processor does not.

Also note, there are many other small differences between the IE5b2
implementation and the XSL working draft (e.g., textnode() above instead of
the correct text()).  Check for mroe info.

Paul V. Biron
SGML Business Analyst
Kaiser Permanente, So Cal.

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