RE: The Peace Process: DOM and namespaces...

Subject: RE: The Peace Process: DOM and namespaces...
From: "Didier PH Martin" <martind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 10:19:26 -0500

<David Meggison comment>
> That would be silly -- lazy evaluation works fine for this kind of
> thing.  I hate to sound stupid, but I still fail to see how Namespaces
> causes any problems at all for someone dynamically generating a
> document from a database -- if you want to use names with a URI part,
> use them; if not, don't.
</David Meggison comment>

The industry is creating the concept of the XML server where the documents
are already processed and contained in a hierarchical database. This prevent
to parse documents each time. Also, such a tool allows to do hooking to
legacy stuff. We got such an example of a similar tool in the SGML world
with grove database like the GroveMinder. What Tyler said is not so crazy
and make sense. A XSL engine can be connected to such hierarchical database
and process nodes. In fact, this is probably the most efficient way to do
things on high traffic sites. ON the second wave these servers will support
WebDav api and become then document repositories. thus we are moving slowly
form a HTTP server as a file server replica to a document management
solution that could integrate, at the same time, legacy information. No
Tyler didn't said silly things :-). I could add that the problem is with
multiple specs and pieces without maturity. Like for instance, name spaces
make sense with schemas because an interpreter can validate the schema.
Otherwise, it is just a plug to have two same words being interpreted as
different things. For the moment, until the schema specs and other W3C
workgroup learned about this, maybe we should consider elements with name
space as a single word, that until the left arm knows about what the right
arm is doing :-). So, the best practice for practitioners is probably
actually to consider elements with namespace as single entity (not two
entities separated with a ":") this until the schema spec is included into
all W3C specs using name spaces.

Didier PH Martin

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