RE: Passing counter value as macro arg.

Subject: RE: Passing counter value as macro arg.
From: "Grant Steinfeld" <grangrid@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 18:42:17 -0500
Counter values and parameter passing, seem like a necessary language

Also how could a counter exist in the XSL document itself.  It would be nice
to be able to have an incrementing counter in a for-each, for display and
calcultions based off row totals.


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Subject: Passing counter value as macro arg.

Does the working draft preclude using an xsl:attribute to set the value
for a macro arg?  What I'm trying to do is pass a counter value to an
macro.  My XSL processor complains that the arg needs a value
attribute.  Is this XSL invalid or in the XSL processor incomplete.

   <xsl:invoke name="fooMacro">
      <xsl:arg name="the-arg">
         <xsl:attribute name="value">
            <xsl:counter name="myCounter"/>

See the 16-December-1998 Draft Section  Not being an adept XSL
spec interpreter, I'm not sure if the above code is included, excluded,
or ambiguously untreated.

If this is invalid XSL, I wouldn't mind a pure XSL alternative for
passing counter values as macro arguments.


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