RE: Generating SVG

Subject: RE: Generating SVG
From: "Borden, Jonathan" <jborden@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 20 Feb 1999 15:27:38 -0500
> Also is it planned that XSL will only output XML, or will it
> possible to output
> more or less anything?  For example, would one be able to output
> just plain
> text, or, say, Postscript?  Non-well-formed data?

	In general a formatting object tree (FOT) could be transformed into an
arbitrary binary format using a back-end generator in the same way as this
is done in DSSSL/Jade. This assumes that you have implemented a piece of
code which accepts a FOT and does something with it (or wait for someone
else to implement this for you).

Jonathan Borden

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