RE: Computational complexity of XSL processing

Subject: RE: Computational complexity of XSL processing
From: "Gavin Thomas Nicol" <gtn@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999 09:50:03 -0500
> The question is about computational complexity of XSL processing. 

This is an interesting question. One concern I have about having
match patterns be as powerful as select patterns basically boils 
down to this. 

Even though it is possible to implement XSL with such expressive 
match patterns, it is harder to optimize them such that performance
doesn't degrade rapidly as a function of match pattern complexity.
It's certainly possible, but not easy.

>From my experience, people seldom really use extremely complex 
match patterns anyway. Most people seem to treat match patterns
and select patterns much like a case statement nested inside an
if block.


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