Re: Complex XSL Application (I think)

Subject: Re: Complex XSL Application (I think)
From: Guy_Murphy@xxxxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 09:52:47 +0000

You might want to try using ASP for you XML/XSL application. It allows you
pass information back to the server and then build you XML and XSL based on
it. The amount of script involved is minimal with the XML/XSL parser doing
all the hard work.

If you need specific examples, I'd be happy to E-mail you some of the code
I'm currently working on, which is for a large intranet application (large
DB adding 50MB data per day from a newsfeed :).


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Subject:  Complex XSL Application (I think)

Well we are trying to archive 160,000 employee records from an
human resources system. (Each record aproximately 10k therefore total
archive is around 1.6Meg).  This is Proof of Concept Trial in which we are
trying to prove the capabilities of XML and XSL.  There fore we would like
to as much as possible avoid the use of JavaScript and non XML XSL
We are trying to provide very simplistic querying on the data.
1) Find an employee by Service Number
2) Find an employee by name segment
     eg I search for all records with Wendy in the name field
     Where the name field contains the whole name.
I have been experimenting with XML and XSL under IE5 and have made
However my next hurdle is
Using server side XSL and connecting that server side XSL up with client
side XSL.  I am just trying to get number 1) working.
Mark Birbeck wrote:
2. If you have server-side scripting then another method would be to
generate the XSL dynamically - the browser won't know any different.
This sounds related to what im trying to do.
You can assume I have server side scripting
Could anyone expand on this and explain how i might acheive the following
I need to get the Service Number from the user (Browser)
Pass this value to the server
Create the XSL to produce an XML file with just that employees information
Pass this new XML file to the browser XSL for rendering in the browser.
BTW: Im fairly new to XSL and XML and the DOM
So any examples of particular features I may need to use would be greatly
Regards Wendy

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