RE: XLink and XSL...

Subject: RE: XLink and XSL...
From: "Vun Kannon, David" <dvunkannon@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 11:16:37 -0500
	To Simon's points:
	1 - Is an issue for XML and the general support for XLink. If it's
there, it can be used for XSL.
	2- Germane to the current charter of XSL, i.e. single document
styling. An XSL stylesheet "should" be able to understand that certain
attributes are link attributes, recognise their contents as being in a
certain syntax, traverse intradocument links in select patterns, etc. That
the WD is silent on this issue is a problem, IMHO.
	3- Mostly out of scope of single document XSL. 
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> There are a bunch of different possibilities here.
> 1) Using XLink (rather than a PI) to establish the relationship between a
> document and its XSL stylesheet.
> 2) Using XSL to present links (display issues) and preserve link
> information across a transformation
> 3) Using XSL to determine the traversable paths in a link relationship,
> which are left undefined in XLink extended links.  (Extended links are
> just
> a set of resources, not something you can traverse like a simple XLink or
> an HTML link.)
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