Re: Complex XSL Application (I think)

Subject: Re: Complex XSL Application (I think)
From: "Wendy Cameron" <wendy.cameron@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 14:01:02 +1000
> I would ask however, what is the business case for
> using XSL, and presenting XML to the client?
> In other words, what are the benefits of doing this?
> (The obvious downsides are: using a non-stabilised
> specification; bleeding-edge technology; and enforcing
> the need for IE versus any other browser.)
> Instead, have you considered using a simple server-side
> script that trawls through the XML, and generates an
> HTML page containing the results?
Yes we most definitely have considered this option and yes we
will use those technologies if necessary.

However this may suggest we should revert back to older archiving
technologies at least until XML and XSL mature.

(BTW im not the boss!!!! The boss wants to use XSL if possible)
Reasoning behind use of XSL
Its off the shelf
We dont have to generate and maintain our own code
Its hoped once learned it would be simpler
XSL might be techonology that stands the test of time
Ohh Shucks I dont know?

> There are plenty of technologies for doing this, ie
> CGI, ASP, ISAPI, NSAPI, etc. And the XML->HTML
> conversion can be done using heaps of tools, such
> as Perl, Omnimark, Python, etc.
> That way, the end-user is shielded from having to
> know anything about the data. If they have a browser
> of any kind, they can enter their request, and receive
> their responses. Then behind the scenes you can do
> anything you like.

Regards Wendy

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