Re: XT and HTML conversion

Subject: Re: XT and HTML conversion
From: "Simon St.Laurent" <simonstl@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 1999 09:52:16 -0500
At 02:42 PM 2/26/99 -0500, Chris Maden wrote:
>[Richard Lander]
>> I'm a little confused about XT. I was under the impression that XT
>> converted XML docs to an XMLized HTML, with an XML declaration and
>> empty-element syntax. I thought it was pretty neat that legacy
>> browsers would still read the HTML. As I've since found by actually
>> looking at XT's output, XT produces typical HTML. I take it that I'm
>> using XT correctly and that it is supposed to output non-XML HTML.
>XT converts XML to XML.  However, it can change how it serializes the
>result based on the result-ns attribute.  If the result-ns identifies
>the result as HTML 4.0, which XT knows uses SGML syntax, proper syntax
>is used.  If you don't use the result-ns attribute, I don't believe XT
>will attempt to guess the intended syntax (IOW, XML syntax will be
>used for the serialization).

I'm confused as well.  I thought XSL was supposed to produce strictly XML
syntax, after the battles I'd been following on this list.  This argument
had been used on a number of folks who wanted to create documents that
followed HTML conventions that didn't correspond with XML.  Now XT can
produce 'proper syntax', whatever that 'proper syntax' may be, even if it's
isn't XML?

It looks like I'll be spending the morning exploring the spec again.
Anyone have a good simple explanation of these issues?

Simon St.Laurent
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