Beginners start here - 1

Subject: Beginners start here - 1
From: "Dave Pawson" <dave.pawson@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 1 May 1999 09:57:41 +0100
Insert of
xml file (using xdocbook)
xsl file as CDATA insert
java as CDATA insert.

seperate the stylesheet for use.

Hope it might be of help to newbies.

Constructive feedback appreciated.
Also help.
Can't get system-property() to work.
Can't figure out what idref() is supposed to do.

regards, DaveP

<!DOCTYPE article    PUBLIC "-//Norman Walsh//DTD DocBk30
XML V1.0//EN"

<article id="art1" xml:lang="en"> <!-- Yes, I know its not
good xdocbook Norm -->
     <address format="linespecific">Peterborough

<title>199904 XSLT Demonstrator.</title>
<subtitle>A dummies guide to section 6.</subtitle>

<sect1 id="s1">
 <title>Section 1 title</title>
 <comment>This section shows access via location paths
 <para>para inside first Sect1</para>
  <title>Section 2 title</title>
  <para>para inside first sect2</para>
     <title>Section 3 title</title>
      <para>para inside first section 3</para>
          <title>Section 4 title</title>
          <para>para inside first sect4</para>
          <title>Second Section 4 title</title>
          <para>para in second sect4</para>
          <title>Third Section 4 title</title>
          <para>para in third sect4</para>
            <sect5 id="sect5-1">
              <title>Section 5 title</title>
              <para>para in deepest level, sect5</para>
              <para> Second    para  full of white
              <comment>The title is at the max depth of
              <simplelist type="vert">
                <member>list item 1</member>
                <member>list item 2</member>
                <member>list item 3</member>
 <title>Second section 1 title</title>
     <para>para 1  in listitem in itemised list</para>
      <para>para 2  in listitem in itemised list</para>

  <title>Title in formal para</title>
  <para>This para makes a reference back to the <link
linkend="sect5-1">sect5 title</link></para>

  <title>blockquote title element</title>
  <para>para in blockquote in second sect1. This para is
altered by an external java program.</para>
  <programlisting format="linespecific">
import java.lang.*;
public class TestMyJava {
  public static String callme3(String gi, String  text) {
  return "*** < " + gi+">"+ text + "</"+gi+ "> ***";

public static String callme2() {
  return "*** $$$$$$$ ***";

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