Again about white spaces

Subject: Again about white spaces
From: "Chanukov Orit" <orit@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 3 May 1999 13:32:30 +0200
Hi .
First of all I want to thank all people that answered to my previous
questions .
I have a new question , and I hope you can help me again .
The question about displaying of multiple white spaces :

1. My XML translates each line of documents as following :

<Spaces count="40"></Spaces>
<Spaces count="5"></Spaces>

I need to write XSL for displaying  it with IE5 .
I need to output 40 white spaces , after that word "Hello", after that 5
spaces and word "friend " .
What is a write way to do that with XSL,
 if I don't want to write 40 times  <xsl:entity-ref
name="nbsp"></xsl:entity-ref>  ?
Or may be it is possible to display a field on specific coordinate ?
Where can I find specification about this?

Thanks in advance ,
Orit .

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