RE: Need to test if there is a value

Subject: RE: Need to test if there is a value
From: Mike Dierken <mike@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 7 May 1999 07:25:03 -0700
Try something like:

 <xsl:if test="advertisement/source/base[. = 'something here']">

The latest XSLT spec describes several string operations which will help
searching for text patterns, but I don't know if they are widely supported -
as well as they don't have case insensitive versions.

For example, some operations are: starts-with, contains, substring-before,


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Subject: Need to test if there is a value


	I have the following:
		<base version=""></base>

	When I do the following test:
		<xsl:if test="advertisement/source/base">

	I get the value of base.

	What I actualy want to test is if base has any text like 
<base version="">something here</base>. How can I do that?

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