stylesheets for links

Subject: stylesheets for links
From: Catherine Goodall <Catherine_Goodall@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 01:30:26 -0400
I've got a working stylesheet, thanks to the help I received last week. I'm
having a problem generating links, though. My XML document, a TEI-style
transcription of a printed text, has anchor elements where footnotes are
indicated in the original (i.e. where an asterisk appears) whose corresp=
values point to note elements with corresponding id= values in another part
of the doc. I wanted to do something like:
<xsl:template match="anchor[@id='foo']">
<A href="TEI.2/text/hyperDiv/note[@id='foo']" target="blank">*</A>

Ideally, I don't want to wind up making separate docs out of each note, or
changing the doc itself (to add A elements). But even if I did, I can't
find a way to read the id value and insert it into the path, since
<xsl:value-of> is an element and href= is an attribute. I also don't want
to define a separate  template for each note, but I haven't found an
operator that will let me quote back a value. Am I missing something
obvious here? Can anyone help me?
For reference, the files can be found at:
and [same directory]/trial-style.xsl


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