Re: Language is not markup and markup is not language.

Subject: Re: Language is not markup and markup is not language.
From: Paul Prescod <paul@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 05:59:28 -0500
David LeBlanc wrote:
> P.S. Those who would argue that XML is a language might care to look up the
> notion of Turing Completeness among other things that diferentiate a
> programming language from a data structuring notation.

You have put your finger on the reason that XSLT is different from a
programming language. XSLT is not turing complete which means that there
are a variety of optimizations and checks that can be applied that are
impossible to provide in a programming language. It also means that XSL is
easier to learn than an XML-optimized programming language because the set
of concepts is much smaller than the combination of a programming language
AND a sophisticated XML parsing/searching/traversing library.

XML and XSLT both live on one side of the declarative/Turing-complete
fence. Scripting languages live on the other side. We need both.

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