Re: xsl macros and cocoon??

Subject: Re: xsl macros and cocoon??
From: "Emmanuel.Leguy" <Emmanuel.Leguy@xxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 11 May 1999 10:29:32 +0200
Keith Visco wrote:
> Emmanuel,
> Cocoon's support for XSL is based on which XSL processor you are using.
> The XSL processor support that cocoon ships with (either XSL:P or
> LotusXSL) is for the XSL WD 19981216 draft so you will need to use
> <xsl:macro name="macro-name"> ...</xsl:macro>
> and  <xsl:invoke name="macro-name"/>


That works!

Just a detail: the attribute of xsl:invoke is 'macro' and not 'name'.
So I use:

<xsl:macro name="macro-name">...</xsl:macro>
<xsl:invoke macro="macro-name"/>

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