Re: size?

Subject: Re: size?
From: "Steve Muench" <SMUENCH@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 12 May 99 13:57:03 -0700
Tiny editorial oversight. 
The size() function was replaced by the count() 
function before the 21-Apr-1999 draft went public 
and it looks like James must have missed this 
one occurrence of size(). 
So you should be able to use "count(from-ancestors(orderedlist)) mod 3" 
in this example. 
Good eyes! 
Steve Muench, Consulting Product Manager & XML Evangelist 
Business Components for Java Dev't Team
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Subject: size?
From: "Larry Fitzpatrick" <lef@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 12 May 99 13:02:29

The xslt spec has the following example fragment in section 11.2:

    <xsl:variable name="level"
                    expr="size(from-ancestors(orderedlist)) mod 3"/>

size() looks like a function, but it is not described as any of the
"well-known" functions. Can I assume that this is some "extension
function" or am I not understanding the syntax?

Or (please say yes) is this a generic function that should be available for all
datatypes but was inadvertently not documented?


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