URI names

Subject: URI names
From: "Oren Ben-Kiki" <oren@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 11:46:56 +0200
In a thread in the XML-Dev mailing list, the issue of sharing XSLT
stylesheet fragments was raised. XSL already has good support for this, but
there's a potential problem:

A reasonable technique for ensuring that general-purpose XSTL "modules"
won't clash with each other is to use the mode and name attributes for their
templates. However, as they are defined today, modes and templates must be
simple names. This means that there's no guarantee my "flatten"
template/macro won't clash with someone else's "flatten" template/macro.

How about allowing names of templates, modes, variables etc. to be URIs
instead of just simple names? That would neatly resolve this issue, and
probably wouldn't effect the implementations except for removing some
checks. Can anyone see a catch here?

Share & Enjoy,

    Oren Ben-Kiki

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