Re: How to find unique element.

Subject: Re: How to find unique element.
From: Duane Nickull <webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 08:41:24 -0700
Anand A Tarkas , Gurgaon wrote:

> 1) How do i find out unique projectcodes?

Check the archives of this list.  There are numerous threads on
referencing  ENTITY attributes.

> 2) How to display the total hours put in by all the employees in a
> particular project?

<xsl:functions ns="jjc" type="text/javascript"> 
     ~/some processing instructions 
would be one way.  There are also a few archived threads that delve into
this subject.

Duane Nickull
> Any information regarding sites related to xsl will definitely help me
> Thanks.
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