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Subject: Announcement: OmniMark is Free

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If the major impediments to the adoption of OmniMark are cost and the fact
it's proprietary, this must surely change the equation for a few people.
I'm biased, but I see this as one of the big announcements of the year.

> OmniMark Technologies Corporation challenges Perl
> Company announces OmniMark 5 programming language is free
> New Orleans, Louisiana - May 17, 1999 - OmniMark Technologies Corporation,
> developer of the OmniMark® programming language, made several significant
> product announcements at its OmniMark Developers Conference today.
> OmniMark president and CEO John McFadden announced the OmniMark
> language is now free. The programming language has developed a strong
> following since it was first introduced 10 years ago.
> A high level language, OmniMark is a clear alternative to Perl for
> developing server-based web or network applications and CGI scripts
> having to make the leap to Java.
> "OmniMark programs are easier to write, read, and maintain," said John
> McFadden.  "OmniMark 5 combines a server safe network programming model
> an unmatched text processing language.  Throw in its intuitive, integrated
> approach to XML and you have a compelling combination."
> To make programming in OmniMark even easier, McFadden also announced the
> release of the OmniMark Integrated Development Environment (IDE). This
> powerful Windows-based environment includes an OmniMark-smart editor and
> interactive debugger which lets developers write, analyze, and perfect
> applications quickly and cost effectively. For example, the IDE can be
> to quickly develop and test CGI scripts interactively without invoking a
> server.  OmniMark IDE can be purchased over the web for $995.
> A free, full-featured version of the OmniMark IDE, called OmniMark Home
> School, is available for personal and academic use.
> OmniMark already has a large following among Global 2000 companies who
> come to appreciate the robustness and ease of use of the language. Among
> attendees at this year's developers conference are representatives from
> Boeing, IBM, Nokia Telecomunications, Airborne Express, and Underwriters
> Laboratory.
> To find out more about obtaining free OmniMark software, visit their
> website.

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