Wanna Write a Tutorial?

Subject: Wanna Write a Tutorial?
From: Jay Greenspan <jay@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 18 May 1999 11:16:33 -0700
Hey folks,

I'm an editor at Webmonkey (www.hotwired.com/webmonkey/). For
a while I was doing my best to keep up on developments in the XML/XSL
world and write about them, but sadly, that's no longer possible. 

Now I'm looking for someone who could write a tutorial on using XML/XSL
in the 5.0 browsers (mostly XSL in IE). And, yes, we do pay. 

I'm looking for someone with some demonstrated writing experience for a piece
that will be around 6,000-9,000 words.

I look forward to any replies.

Thanks for your time,


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