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Subject: RE: XSLT wish list
From: "Julian Reschke" <reschke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 25 May 1999 14:39:20 +0200
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> Subject: RE: XSLT wish list
> Is it just me, or would the thing be for XSL to be able to compare values
> across contexts as in
> <!--doggerel xslish follows-->
> <xsl:template match= "/database/elementName[attribute
> (keyAttribute)=="/database/secondElementType/keyAttribute]/>
> <!-- end doggerel xslish -->
> although I might just be demonstrating the depth of my ignorance on the
> subject, I can't find the syntax to do this in the current implementation
> (ie 5). I think that this is a function of the way that the
> engine looks at
> the current context, and cannot store an intermediate value.
> If it is possible to do this, or this could be done, then I think XSL
> is/could be an absolute winner. As it is, I think that resorting
> to jscript
> to store the intermediate values is just too messy for words (and
> certainly
> for serious applications).

Take a look at

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