Re: Microsoft Index Server

Subject: Re: Microsoft Index Server
From: "Larry Mason" <Larry_Mason@xxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 25 May 1999 18:53:12 -0500

IBM has a search engine just for XML called xSearch.  Check or  The search engine on is the IBM XML engine.

"Scott S. Lawton" <ssl@xxxxxxxxxx> on 05/25/99 06:18:55 PM

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Subject:  Re: Microsoft Index Server

>Has anyone used Microsoft Index Server or any other Search engine on
>XML files.

I used the Verity search engine.  It doesn't offer explicit support for XML
-- but it doesn't need to!  It has a simple (but quite useful) notion of
hierarchical tags, so it can search badly-hacked HTML as well as "XML".  (I
added the quotes since I'm not sure if it supports UTF-8 and such.)

     wendy <in> from
     wendy <in> message
     wendy <in> from <in> message

(assuming an XML version of your e-mail)

Note that it can skip levels, i.e. <in> doesn't imply a strict parent/child
but only an ancestor of some sort.


-- SSL, PreFab Software <>

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