RE: Leventhal's challenge misses the point

Subject: RE: Leventhal's challenge misses the point
From: Miles Sabin <msabin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 17:18:20 +0100
Linda van den Brink wrote,
> I must protest to both of your interpretations to what 
> I said. 

Fine ...

> Let me elaborate a bit. Why is it so important that 
> everyone (every Web user?) can use XSL? Should every 
> web designer be able to: 
> - Write a consistent web of documents
> - design an attractive look for these documents when 
>   displayed online
> - design the proper navigation means so that any 
>   reader can travel through the web and find and 
>   access the information they need
> - maintain the documents in XML source
> - create the necessary images in a drawing application
> - create the means to generate the web of documents as
>   designed, complete with layout and navigational 
>   features (for example, an XSL stylesheet)
> I think it would be hard to come by such 
> (Renaissansistic) people.

I think you'll find that many people in the traditional
print media *do* have all (or most) of the equivalent
skills. If electronic publishing makes it harder for
those people to do their job then ... so much the worse
for electronic publishing.

> What's wrong with having a team of people who 
> complement each other if you want to do professional 
> electronic publishing, to the Web or otherwise? 

Nothing whatsoever ... that's *precisely* what I want.
But it's my contention that XSL is not as much help as
it's thought to be.



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