Re: Leventhal's challenge misses the point

Subject: Re: Leventhal's challenge misses the point
From: "Chuck White" <chuck@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 11:31:39 -0700
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Sara Mitchell wrote:

>There is one other issue that you're missing here -- will the
>non-programmer be as willing to learn JavaScript as XSL? 

They've completely missed this. And i think the answer is a resounding no.
>This is probably dependent on the person and their background, 
>but there is at least one really big point in favor of XSL
>over the programming/scripting laguages (at least in my
>opinion). In fact, I've heard it mentioned by programmers in 
>this list for why XSL is so *hard* -- it relates rather 
>naturally to how documents are structured. That might not make 
>it simpler to learn for a graphic designer, but it does for 
>writers (myself included). 

Most graphic designers understand what a template is. XSL is intuitive to
designers. Scripting is not. 

>Sara Mitchell

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