RE: Son of XSL for non-programmers

Subject: RE: Son of XSL for non-programmers
From: "G. Ken Holman" <gkholman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 08:53:34 -0700
At 99/05/31 08:50 -0500, WorldNet wrote:
>> <ec-said>
>> I will echo this. I firmly believe you can teach almost anyone basic
>> XSL for displaying, sorting, and filtering XML files. I do not think the
>> is true for VBA, VB, JScript, VBScript, Python, OmniMark, or ...
>> </ec-said>
>If I may interject into the thread I would not only like to agree with the
>premise I would like to prove it correct. Where might 'almost anyone'
>acquire such 'teaching'? Where are the learning materials? The examples?
>Models? Illustrations?

We have a number of XSL resources (non-commercial) and XSL teaching
materials (commercial) on our website (through the trailer below).  The
commercial publication "Introduction to XSL Transformations" is 200 pages
(so far) and all future updates are made freely available to those who
purchase a copy (thus extending your investment).  The feedback from
existing customers has been very encouraging and we are planning the next
release of the publication later this week after incorporating comments
from those who have bought a copy and those who attended the WWW8
instructor-led lecture.

If you aren't interested in commercial materials, there is also:


W3C Examples:

IE5 Examples: (same as above)

The above is not included in the set of resources listed on the reference
sites for each (I'm not sure what the criteria is for getting listed on the
W3C site, perhaps membership in W3C is required):

You will also find a wealth of examples (articles, papers, samples) at: (considered the best by many)

When considering materials, be sure to establish which version of the
working draft is being refered to in each source ... not all resources are
up to date with the April 21 release of W3C XSL or the IE5 release of MSXSL.

I'm sure there are more than what is above and hope others will post them
so I can add them to my own list.

I hope this all helps.

................. Ken

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