Re: dynamic href generation in xsl

Subject: Re: dynamic href generation in xsl
From: "Russell Allen" <rallen@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 2 Jul 1999 12:35:06 -0500
I had tried this, and I made another attempt strictly following your
guidelines, and I get the following:

<A href="servlet/lookup?member={MEMBNO}>joe</A>
<A href="servlet/lookup?member={normalize(MEMBNO)}>joe</A>

I don't understand enough of the parsing mechanism to begin debugging why it
is not evaluating MEMBNO.  I am viewing this with IE5.  I know Microsoft is
not the best at following standards...  Could it be the problem?


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Subject: Re: dynamic href generation in xsl

> you can't embed one tag inside another in XML (so not in XSL)
> but XSL lets you use {} to get the functionality you want.
> inside a literal element attribute anything inside {  } is evaluated
> pretty much as if you had a xsl:value-of, so
>  <A href="servlet/lookup?member={MEMBNO}">
> depending on how you have white space stripping organised, you might
> want to get rid of the white space coming from
>   <MEMBNO>(
>     (222222(
>   )</MEMBNO>
> in which case you would need
>  <A href="servlet/lookup?member={normalize(MEMBNO)}">
> David
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