Data Validation with Databinding using Namespaces

Subject: Data Validation with Databinding using Namespaces
From: Joseph Alex <alex_jos@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 05 Jul 1999 03:17:44 PDT

I apologise for asking an XML question to this list, hope it's OK.

I am using only Microsoft IE5 stuff here, XML, XSL etc. I am trying to build a data administration form using XML DSO and databinding to an XSL generated table, which works pretty fine. I also use namespaces to do elementary data validation like int etc, which also works perfectly. Now I want to give some range constraints in the Schema, like min and max, I don't find any direct method of doing this, other than defining two tags in schema and later using DOM to check manually. Could anybody please tell me if there is a direct way of giving range values and avoiding special characters etc? Without this, I feel the major hype around Schemas is not justified.

The other issue is giving meaningful messages to the user when he types in an invalid data. Presently, an alert box appears which says 'A value could not be saved into the data source's "ID" field, operation failed with status 7'. Is there a way to customise this message to be more informative by the programmer?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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