RE: Two Hard Questions (at least for me)

Subject: RE: Two Hard Questions (at least for me)
From: Ross Cormier <merex@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 05 Jul 1999 23:15:12 -0500
Thanks for the help.  I downloaded XT, and I think I am going to start
using it instead of LotusXSL.  The NULL match issue is solved.  However I
am still having trouble with the URL.

>& is deprecated as a parameter separator, use ; instead if possible.  Then
>you shouldn't have this difficulty.  I'm afraid I do not know whether or not
>servlets support ; as a parameter separator.
>(see B.2.2 in

News to me.  People sure are not following the spec.  I am nearly 100% sure
that servlets don't support ;...I haven't had the opportunity to test it

>The ampersand is the introducer for a character entity reference.  Valid XML
>would be: <link servlet="SomeServlet" Query="?data1=foo&amp;data2=bar"/>
>which should do what you want.

If I use &amp; the resulting HTML has &amp; in it...Is there ANY way to get
XT to output &?

Thanks again,
Ross Cormier

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