Subject: RE: HEP
From: "John E. Simpson" <simpson@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 08 Jul 1999 11:02:06 -0400
Marco.Mistroni@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> HI all,
>       i have a problem: with the following stylesheet, the xslprocessor
> always gives me an error at the line
> VALUE="{substring-after("abcd","b")"} />
> <xsl:template match="command">
> <xsl:element
> VALUE="{substring-after("abcd","b")"} />
> </xsl:template>

Everyone else's reply seems to be focusing on the point of the error. It
looks to me (assuming no more typos :) that the problem is really the
*preceding line:
Being immediately followed, as it is, by the <INPUT...> tag, I wonder if
the problem isn't simply that the xsl:element isn't properly closed with a
"/>". If what you're really trying to do is create an INPUT tag there, the
soloution may be more involved, including xsl:attribute elements for NAME,
TYPE, and VALUE as well. (Don't have reference materials with me, so I
don't have exact syntax -- that's the idea though.)

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