Re: New XSLT draft

Subject: Re: New XSLT draft
From: Rick Geimer <rick.geimer@xxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 1999 09:34:43 -0700
Does this new draft add the ability to access entity attributes? I'm working
with a DTD that has references to graphic entities in attributes, and the
previous draft had no way to access this standard XML feature that I could
find. Please tell me this has been fixed.

Rick Geimer
National Semiconductor

James Clark wrote:

> There's a new XSLT draft out.  See
> The expression language, now shared with XPointer, has been separated
> out and is now called XPath. See
> Both drafts contain appendices describing the changes since the previous
> XSLT draft.
> These drafts are approaching stability.  The Status section of the XSLT
> WD says:
>   This draft is nearly stable. The XSL Working Group does not
>   anticipate making technical changes except as necessary to
>   resolve the issues explicitly mentioned in this document.
> (I'm sorry to say there's no version of XT that implements this yet.
> I've been too busy with the drafts themselves.)
> James
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