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Subject: Antwort: Re: XSL Development Tools
From: henry_fieglein@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 1999 09:33:34 +0200
The grounding for XML, for me and the company for which I work, was more than
justified.  My problem is that while XML provides the building blocks for
application integration, my problem extends into the area of application
knowledge and business knowledge.  In this respect, pardon all developers in the
world who have some business knowledge, developers are out of their league.  I
need to be able to set a business analyst with experience and knowledge of the
data models and processes up with a tool or tools to develop the integration,
preferably something like a Rational Rose for the data and process modelling and
some other yet to be defined component to develop the data mapping.  Then, I
give the easy task to the developer of creating a link to the given application
and a class or package where he can send/receive formatted data.  I am currently
in a search for this product(s).  I know that there exist tools for data mapping
(message brokers, etc.), but I want to minimize the size of the integration as
much as possible.  That is the basis behind the request to this group.

Thanks for your input,

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This is just the kind of application which XML is designed for.  You should be
able to use XSL Transforms (XSLT) in the way you describe to translate from one
XML vocabulary (DTD) to another.  You will find the specification for the XSLT
language at  One implementation of XSLT written in
Java is available from IBM alphaworks,

To translate XML to/from binary formats or other non-XML formats you can write
programs which parse the XML and output the appropriate data in the appropriate
form.  XML parsers for Java and C++ are available from  Those parsers support both a tree interface
(DOM - and streaming interface (SAX -

TeXML, at translates XML to the TeX
typesetting language.  It contains Java source, and can serve as one example of
translating XML to another non-xml format.

You may also be interested in investigating James Clark's XML parser, "XP" and
XSL Transformer, "XT" at

Douglas Lovell
Advanced Internet Publishing
IBM Research

Henry Fieglein wrote:

Date: Tue, 13 Jul 1999 15:21:25 +0200
From: henry_fieglein@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: XSL Development Tools

I am new to this list.  I work for DG Bank in Frankfurt.  Currently we are
working on a Trading Floor Architecture which integrates all aspects of trading
within the bank.  We have created a centralized object (a DTD) which describes a
trade.  What we want to do is to use XSL to translate messages to/from the
various applications from/to an XML document.  I am pretty sure that we can
accomplish only one side of this with XSL, but I wanted to solicit responses
from this group.  Further, I want to be able to give a description of this
centralized object to a business analyst familiar with the application to be
integrated and a tool which allows him/her to build a data mapping to/from the
centralized object from the data format of the given application.  Is there any
knowledge of a tool(s) which can help me down this path.  I appreciate greatly
any and all responses.

Henry Fieglein
Global trading Software Architect
Deutsche Genossenschaftsbank
Am Platz der Republik
60325 Frankfurt am Main

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