fo:tree : Is there one?

Subject: fo:tree : Is there one?
From: Lance Otis <LanceO@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 1999 10:37:08 -0700
We have been trying to develop a generic tree viewer, where the data types
tags are variables and may change in the XML data and the tree structure may
change as well. For example an XML document tree could look like this (
headers not shown):

Independent of the data type tag values, We would like the display to mimic
the structure in the XML data, what ever it might be. For the above example
this would be: 


Table flow objects support table displays. Are there any plans for a Tree
Flow Object, or is there a simple XSL approach that can be used to format
the output to look just like the data without knowing in advance what that
data types and structure are? We can format to HTML via custom code to do
it, but we would like to use an XSL approach.

//Lance Otis
Chief Scientist
Applied Technical Systems, Inc.
360-478-2710 x3206

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