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Subject: Re: Help Please
From: Miloslav Nic <nicmila@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 1999 06:18:22 +0200
I was having the same problems. At the end I decided to work only in
UTF-8. Unfortunately, editors I am using are not supporting  UTF-8. I
therefore have to translate the text from my encoding to UTF-8. Java 1.1
provides classes which makes such transformations extremely easy. I just
wrapped these classes into very simple program: It is some
extra work but then you can use any software your wish.

I have discovered a small trick, which prevents you getting lost in the
encoding jungle.
If you are writing documents intended for Greek readers, use at least
one non-ascii character from greek in your tag name. If you have DTD in
UTF-8, your validator will complain if you use file with wrong encoding.

Ioannis Koutselas wrote:
> Hello fellow XML/XSL'ers
>  I would like some help.
>  PROBLEM: when i use non ascii input to my xml file (ie Greek, ISO8859-x format)
>           XSL makes them &<usual-ascii-name>; and thus my browser does only
>           one substitution. Can I make the browser make the correct back
>           substitution to the hex value of the entity ? If not (probably the case)
>           how can i automatically without rewriting the code or passing the code(html)
>           to an xml parser to expand these entities ?
> Thank you all
> Ioannis Koutselas
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