xsl variables

Subject: xsl variables
From: Marco.Mistroni@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 1999 09:26:14 +0300
HI all,
	I have a problem:  I have two xsl files, the first that import the
In the second xsl file I have a table, and I want to change the background
color of the table based on a variable contained in the first xsl file
I defined an xsl variable called 'bgcolor' in the following way:
<xsl:variable name="foo" select="White"/>
Then in the second xsl file I have

<xsl:attribute name="bgcolor">   and I have to put here the value of the
variable called 'foo' as value of the attribute
I tried by doing "{$foo}" but it didn't work
Anyone can help me please???

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