Using <PRE> to keep original spacing without tag spaces

Subject: Using <PRE> to keep original spacing without tag spaces
From: klal@xxxxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 1999 15:30:30 -0600

     I am converting text news articles to the XMLNews DTD.  I start out with
original text articles with paragraph spacing.  I would like to preserve this
spacing.  I have many large tags that I have added to the original text.  The
spacing preservation preserves the spacing added by the tags.   Making the whole
article almost unreadable.  The spacing preservation attribs are shown below.

i.e.  xml file
this statement<sometag attrib1="bunch of stuff" attrib2= "more
stuff"><somechildtag  moreattribs="values"> has a child tag

ends up looking like
this statement
 has a child tag

What can I do remove the spacing caused by the tags only?

Can I convert original text returns to  <p> tags?

After reading this list I made a number of changes proposed by Orit.
1. <xml:stylesheet > should have the xml:space= "preserve" attribute in my xml
2. <body> the body of my articles should have the xsl;space = "preserve"
attribute in my xml file.
3. My <html> tag in my stylesheet should have the xmlns = "";
4. My <body> tag should also xml:space = "preserve" attribute in the stylesheet.
5. The =text()"> should have <PRE> and </PRE> tags around the base xsl:valueof


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