Shakespeare 2.00 available

Subject: Shakespeare 2.00 available
From: Jon Bosak <Jon.Bosak@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 1999 18:42:24 -0700 (PDT)
(Since posting this message to the xml-dev list yesterday, I've been
asked to copy it to other lists where people might find the
information useful. -- Jon)

Version 2.00 of my XML set of the plays of Shakespeare is now
available at

See the file shaksper.htm included in the distribution for more

The Shakespeare set is the companion to a set of religious works
marked up in XML that was updated almost a year ago with a revised DTD
and a set of DSSSL stylesheets; you can get that set at

Both sets began as ASCII files in the public domain.  I marked them up
in 1992 as a beginner's exercise in SGML DTD and stylesheet design and
released them in 1996 as the earliest examples of real documents in
XML -- so early, in fact, that they were not completely compliant with
the XML Recommendation as finally approved in February 1998.  The
Religion set achieved XML compliance with the release of version 2.00
in September of 1998, and now the Shakespeare set joins it in the same
happy state.  When taken with their corresponding DTD, the plays are
both valid SGML (according to nsgmls) and valid XML (according to
nsgmls, the Java Software Project X parser, and the validator
developed by the Scholarly Technology Group at Brown University).  I
invite everyone to check these files with their own favorite parsers
and let me know if anything is found amiss.

I had originally intended to supply a set of DSSSL stylesheets for the
plays just as I did for the religious texts -- hence the delay in
making this set available.  I have given up on finding the time to do
this right now, but I hope to include stylesheets in a future release.

Jon Bosak
Los Altos, California
July 1999

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