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Subject: RE: parameters
From: Marco.Mistroni@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999 13:24:59 +0300
Hi Mike,
	Ok, I am using LotusXSL and there's a similar function like
Suppose that I do processor.setParam(bgcolor, color) where bgcolor has value
"bgcolor" and color has the value "Red".
Then in the stylesheet how can I refer that?? I.e., how in the stylesheet I
say  'pick the value of that variable from the variable called bgcolor????
Reply me soon

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> 	I have a question: I have a servlet that calls the xsl 
> processor. Is it possible to pass servlet variables to an xsl file as 
> parameters??? If it is so,
> What code I have to write into the xsl file to tell to the 
> processor that the parameter must be retrieved from the servlet??

This is implementation-dependant.

With SAXON, the code is along the lines of:

StyleSheet sty = new StyleSheet();
sty.setSource( [ source URL] );
sty.setStyle( [ style URL] );
sty.setParams( params );
sty.setOutput( outputWriter );

where params is a Hashtable containing the parameters as keyword-value

Mike Kay

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