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Subject: Re: XML only Search engine (announcement)
From: "admin" <admin@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 24 Jul 1999 02:47:02 EST
Hi Duane:  This is absolutely, downright exciting!  I will definitely post a link for visitors to my medical terminology project site, and encourage use of your search engine.  The day is really almost here, when IE and NetScape will have to add your engine to theirs, huh?  Thanks, Tom

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>Hello Everyone:
>We just finished an exhausting 8 months of conceptualizing, designing
>and building what we believe is the world's first truly context-based
>XML/XSL search engine for the Internet.
>This is the very first time it has been announced to outsiders and we
>decided on this "Soft Launch" approach to allow an advanced preview
>before the general public sees it.
>The procesor is Perl/XML running on a Linux O/S w/Apache and mod_perl. 
>We are currently discussing plans to allow free interfaces for
>non-profit organizations to use on their websites. 
>Please take a look.  Feel free to add your XML URL's to the index.  We
>do not have a lot of XML data indexed at this time and would be greatly
>appreciative if you could 'donate' some data to the index.  We believe
>this will be a great tool for anyone wishing to view XML/XSL documents.
>Please let me know what you think.   The dev-team would be greatly
>appreciative for your comments.
>Duane Nickull
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