RE: boolean attribute values

Subject: RE: boolean attribute values
From: Imran Rashid <imranr@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 1999 13:08:26 -0500
>> Really, all I'm asking is, I want something to happen when a certain
>> attribute is set to true (and something to happen when it is
>> set to false).
>I assume you mean, you want something to happen when it is set to "true"
>(since the value of an attribute is a string, not a boolean).
>Then write:
><xsl:if test="@att='true'">

OK.  I thought that you might be able to write something like:
<xsl:if test="@att">
because in a lot of languages, you can do an if statement where you
direclty pass it a true/false value and you can skip the statement where
you check equality.  But you're saying in XSL, you can't.

Doesn't all of this disagree with David Carlisle's message, though?
an attribute
being read as an xpath/xslt expression there is a difference between
select="true" and
the former being the logical true and the second being the string of

so <xsl:if test="false"> will take the false branch, but
<xsl:if test="'false'"> will take the true branch

or is he saying that its only treated as an xpath/xslt expression when it
is typed into the "select" or "test" attribute -- *not* when it accessed
through @att?

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