XML Search Engine Upgrade

Subject: XML Search Engine Upgrade
From: Duane Nickull <webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 1999 08:59:19 -0700
Hello all:

We have received lots of response during the last 4 days and have
upgraded the User interface and provided a demonstration of our <XML>
Search Engine's Capabilities.  The Demonstration is at:


With respect to the question of validating XML, - yes,  our Search
Vehicle's Spider module does determine whether or not the XML is valid
and will reject *MOST* invalid XML.  It does not reject XML that is
invalid due to case sensetivity problems.  This is becuase we designed
the Spider to convert all elements to uppercase.  It will reject XML
documents that have nesting problems, mismatched tags, improper
structure (does not currently read external DTD's) etc.

We have been asked by many people to propose standard tags for marking
up key data so it can be found.  I would like to hear more opinions on
this before any action is taken.  Specifically,  we do not wish to limit
authors to only using certain tags.  We do however,  wish to suggest
that authors use tags that are descriptive in nature.

In response to the *.XSP filename extensions, YES - we have finished our
eXensible Object Server Pages module and the entire site at
www.goxml.xom isi using it.  It is still in Beta.  There will be a
preview release of this module within 12 weeks to the industry.

Duane Nickull
http://www.goxml.com/index.xsp   I

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