setting TopLevel variables externally with XT

Subject: setting TopLevel variables externally with XT
From: "Jon Smirl" <jonsmirl@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 1999 16:53:56 -0400
I have modified of XT to support a function for setting top
level variables externally:

  public void setGlobal(String variable, String value) throws XSLException {
    Name var = nameTable.createName(variable);
    variableExprTable.put(var, ExprParser.parseVariantExpr(null, value, new

To use this, my servlet loads the stylesheet when it is first started. Then
each time the servlet is executed I call
        xsl.setGlobal("ua",  userAgent) - to the set user agent string
and you can do things like <xsl:if test="$ua=string('mozilla')">

Now I would like to modify setGlobal to allow generic objects...
       public void setGlobal(String variable, Object value) throws
XSLException {

        xsl.setGlobal("response",  res) - to set $repsonse to the servlet
response variable.

I need this variable so that I can pass it to my static extension functions
but I can't figure out what to replace ExprParer.parserVariantExpr with to
handle the generic object case.  Can someone give me a clue?

Is it legal to set a top level variable to a java object and then pass it to
an extension function?
As anyone already done this for XT?

Jon Smirl

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