Re: XSL opportunities

Subject: Re: XSL opportunities
From: "Chuck White" <chuck@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 1999 15:27:48 -0700
Well, it is *your* list, and a well run one in my opinion, for what it's
worth. I guess I'm just too old to change, though, and I find this kind of
stuff extremely distasteful, and if someone wants to use the list for that
purpose, I guess I feel I am entitled to flame them. Sorry.
Chuck White
Creative Director
Advance Recruitment Advertising, Inc.
author of Internet Explorer 5 Developer's Guide. 
M&T Press, IDG Books Worldwide
Mastering XML
Sybex Books, September, 1999

>From: XSL-List Owner <xsl-list-owner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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>Subject: Re: XSL opportunities
>Date: Wed, Jul 28, 1999, 2:46 PM

>The policy is fixed until I change it.  I do listen to people's
>opinions on policy issues, but I've given up taking votes about such
>things since in my experience less than 5% of a list will respond to a
>call to vote.

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