Subject: SAXON 4.5
From: Kay Michael <Michael.Kay@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 09:44:42 +0100
Many of you will have read this on xml-dev, where I carelessly posted it
when this list was intended:

SAXON 4.5 is available at 

The new version implements the 9 July 99 XSL spec, in both the compiler and
the interpreter. "Instant SAXON", the packaged version of the interpreter
for Windows, is also available. As well as moving to the new syntax, this
release plugs a few of the remaining gaps in SAXON's XSL coverage, for
example it now supports xsl:include and the document() function. (I still
haven't got around to namespaces, though).

I've cut out a lot of dead wood in the Java API, so if you're using SAXON as
a Java class library rather than for its XSL processing, you may be better
off sticking with the previous version. In particular, there is no support
for serial processing in this release, though I hope to reintroduce it some

Do read the changes.html file carefully, there are rather a lot of
incompatible changes, all done to get as close as possible to the evolving

Mike Kay 

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