why no keeps and breaks properties for fo:block?

Subject: why no keeps and breaks properties for fo:block?
From: Randy Hudson <rgh@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 11:08:18 -0400
In the XSL draft 1999-04-21, the properties of fo:block do
not include the Common Keeps and Breaks Properties. What is
the rationale for this?

The common uses of fo:block include titles and headlines. It's
common formatting to break before a chapter title, say, or to
ensure that a section title doesn't end up at the very bottom of
a page. Such an fo:block could always be wrapped in an
fo:display-included-container, which does allow keeps and
breaks properties, so this is not a technical limitation of
XSL -- it just leaves me curious as to why fo:block doesn't
support these properties directly.  What am I missing?

Randy Hudson  rgh@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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