Sorting Problem with XSL

Subject: Sorting Problem with XSL
From: Anupam Gupta <anupam@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 16:33:24 -0700
Greetings all,

Here's the xml doc

<Contact name  = "Anupam" salary = "5550">
<Contact name  = "Bhanu" salary = "10000"/>

xsl stylesheet

<xsl:apply-templates select = "Contact" order-by = "@salary">

This command puts "BHANU" ahead of "ANUPAM" because it sorts on the basis of
first digit. To me, this seems like string comparision rather than sorting by

Is it possible to do sorting by numbers using stylesheets?

Anupam Gupta
Imparto Software Corp

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